The Association League of SuperFriends embodies goodwill. We are united to impact lives through servant leadership, quality services and human kindness. We believe that supporting one another facilitates each to reach their potential and it is for the greater good of all mankind.


The Association League of SuperFriends will create a culture wherein everyone understands how important it is for every human being to contribute to the greater good of humanity. Our vision is to increase the understanding and belief in when we apply servitude plus aptitude accompanied by creativity and tenacity there is no measure of the magnitude of our collective success.


Frankie BrooksIn 2004 the founder and CEO after experiencing a measure of success wanted to find concrete ways to help others. After returning to the City of Detroit he started meeting with his friends to talk about barriers and obstacles that impede their Life Plans. As the years went on they learned that individually they were good but together they could accomplish so much more.  They all had similar ambitions to work towards creating opportunities for others. This evolved in into a bond of extraordinary friendships thus call SuperFriends.
In 2011 the group decided it was time to organize as a 501C) 3 non-profit and develop the concept and programs that build character and servitude. We are challenging and motivating individuals to rebuild the foundation of their communities.
Participation for most of the services is free.


The organization’s purpose is to unite cultures and communities by mentoring, actuating and cultivating environments that develops servant leadership. Our belief is that with servitude and aptitude accompanied with creativity and tenacity for which there is no measure of the magnitude of our collective success.  We develop, acquire, and dedicate resources and individuals whose purpose is to transform and restore the foundation of our communities to wholeness. Our support programs and services educate and promote dignity, respect and leadership attributes in individuals. The Association League of SuperFriends serves as a community resource and promotes volunteerism. We celebrate and recognize the achievements of those who impact lives positively.

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